A Volunteer's Testimonial...


I wanted to thank you for having me and my wife as volunteers for your race.  It was so inspiring for us as runners to be able to watch these awesome people in action.

My wife summed it up nicely with this short note she posted on Facebook.  Here it is:

What an awesome experience Matt and I just had! We worked a 10:30pm - 7:00am volunteer shift at the Rocky Road 100-mile Endurance race. It gave us a unique opportunity to encourage some awesome fellow runners, many of whom were taking on their first 100-miler, and to get a glimpse of what we as humans are capable of. The race is part of the Charlie Alewine series, and Matt and I had a blast. Just being there to offer support was so rewarding and the runners were so appreciative! We saw the full gamut of runners: those who really struggled and couldn't finish, as well as some who were full of energy, even at mile 82.5 on their sixth loop at the fire station where we were working. Although the temps during the night were in the low-30s, the weather was better than expected and the rain ended only 45 minutes into the race. It was exhilarating to be part of something so physically challenging, and I highly encourage anyone looking to get into ultra running, or even if you just want to see what real dedication is, to volunteer at a race like this. In a word, this experience was truly inspirational! What a great night!

Thanks again,

Matthew and Judith Walthour


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